MAINTENANCE: home shaving

Hot Towel Shave at The Barber Club, Turre.

Home Shaving

It would be great to shaved professionally every morning but, in reality, shaving is frequently done in a rush before leaving for work. There’s no real way to avoid this, but treat yourself to a good shave at weekends.

{1}. Open up your pores by soaking a flannel under the hot tap until it is steaming, and then hold it against your face for a minute. Alternatively, shave in a hot bath and allow the steam to do the same job.

{2}. Use a shaving cream or soap. It is simply not possible to get a good shave with a shaving gel.

{3}. For those with sensitive skin, use a moisturiser instead of a shaving cream. Something like aqueous moisturising cream will work just as well and wont cause skin reactions.

{4}. Using a circular motion, apply the soap to your skin with a brush. Your stubble will stand on end making the shave easier and closer.

{5). Generally, modern, multi-blade razors are extremely good if kept clean: never use disposable razors.

{6}. An electric razor will not shave you as closely as a multi-blade razor: like a hovercraft, they tend to buzz over the surface but never get to the root.

{7}. Check which way the hair on your face grows. Shave in the direction the hair grows, especially if you have sensitive skin or if your are prone to bleeding. The growth direction changes on different parts of the face, especially on the neck.

{8}. For a close shave, put another hot flannel on your face for a minute to open the pores again.

{9}. Brush on another application of shaving cream, and then shave in the opposite direction to which your hair grows.

{10}. Once finished, run your flannel under very cold water and hols it against your face. This will close up your pores and help seal your skin.

{11}. Moisturise as soon as possible with a moisturiser, a shaving balm or aftershave gel.

Source: Debrett’s Guide for the Modern Gentleman

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